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Jean Hailes' Endo Wise series looked at the common but under-recognised chronic disease called endometriosis. Eight women shared their personal experiences with endo, as it's often called, from symptoms to diagnosis and how they manage the condition.

    Women share their endo stories

    • Bec’s endometriosis story
      Bec's journey with endo would have been very different had it not been for the support of her husband Ash.
    • Rachel’s endometriosis story
      Rachel's anxiety is linked to her recent diagnosis of endometriosis. Find out what she's doing to reduce her symptoms.
    • Micaela’s endometriosis story
      Micaela thought painful sex was just part of life as a woman, but an attentive doctor knew there was more to it. Find out what happened.
    • Tegan’s endometriosis story
      Tegan was just diagnosed with endo after showing symptoms for 14 years. Now she's trying to conceive.
    • Alice’s endometriosis story
      As a 25-year-old, Alice has not only spent years managing endometriosis, but also managing the expectations of friends who might not always understand what it's like to have a chronic condition.
    • Hithaishi’s endometriosis story
      Hithaishi had to convince doctors she wasn't drug seeking and didn't have psychological issues before she was diagnosed with endometriosis.
    • Liza’s endometriosis story
      As a teenager, Liza's doctor recommended she have a radical hysterectomy to ease her pain. But Liza didn't let a diagnosis of endometriosis define her life. Find out what she did.
    • Jennifer and India’s endometriosis story
      Jennifer realised she probably had endometriosis when her older sister was diagnosed - along with two other sisters. Find out what happened when she had daughters of her own.
    Last updated: 08 June 2023 | Last reviewed: 24 September 2018

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